So I’ve had this blog for a while now but couldn’t really figure out what I really wanted to do with it…well…after an afternoon of sitting in front of my laptop, I’ve had an epiphany! lol soooo here we go!!!

After living in LA for a year or so, I finally made the move to come back to Toronto. I thought, “this is going to be great”” I left the scene for a good amount of time so getting back into the swing of things would be easy right??? Not!

A friend of mine suggested that I check out some dating sites…so here I go..I signed up for all kinds of sites…Pof,,, and a whole bunch of those sites..i won’t tell you which one i found a date on but anyway…here goes..

This guy contacts me on the site and of course after some banter back and forth we add each other on msn and start chatting..the chatting turns into phone calls which eventually leads up to our first “meet”. I figure it’s been 3 weeks or so and he seems really nice..he’s a teacher, has the same interests, and is looking for a relationship.

I have him come and pick me up from my girlfriend’s place.(didn’t want him to know where I lived in case he was a stalker lol) He arrived on time and when I come downstairs, he leans over and pops the lock on his car to let me in..FIRST MIsTAKE!!! Show some chivalry and manners and get out of the car!!! It’s the first time we met! I climb into the car and we say our first hello…I tell him where we’re going so he drives and parks the car.

fast forward to the restaurant which is a cute little sushi place close by that serves all you can eat food for $20…cheap and cheerful..I don’t want this to be a 3 hour dinner..just something casual but good. The server comes over to take our food order. Mr. Manners proceeds to order all the food, which is fine by me..I like a man who knows what to order…but then turns to me and says “what do you want?” WTF?!?!?! MISTAKE polite, ask her if she’s ready to order & let her order first!

Again, I say we keep chatting while we wait patiently for our food. The cocktails arrive and Mr. Manners reaches into his mouth, removes the gum he’s chewing and sticks it under the table!! EWWW!! I’m thinking to myself…”am I on MTV’s you got Punked! with Ashton Kusher?” Did this guy completely leave his manners at home? or did he decide that he was going to test my patience? The gum was the worst…I could have lived with the previous mistakes bc I figured maybe he wanted to see what kind of girl I am..*note, I used to have to go into work on Sat afternoons to SCRAPE GUM from under the tables at a restaurant that I worked at…disgusting!!! During our meal, he proceeded to tell me that I seemed “really high maintenance”..I asked him who was he to make that judgement when he barely knew me? His response was that he had never met a girl who expected so much from a man!! Last time I checked, chivalry & simple manners were still a great quality to have in a man!!

So finally after the meal was over, he paid the bill which I was expecting to go Dutch on…and drove me home…once again not getting out of the car to walk me to the door. Needless to say, we never spoke again…I guess I’m a little old fashioned at heart…I still want a man to open the door for me, stand up when I leave or return to a table, bring me flowers, tell me I’m beautiful,put air in my tires when they’re flat…and lastly, walk me to the door at the end of the matter how horrible the date went…at the end of the day all I want is a guy with some manners!

Well I have been working on blogs here and there and nothing seemed to work out so I finally came here to start my rant.  This page is going to be filled with tons of rants, opinions, comments and editorials.  Whatever I am in the mood for will be what I choose to write about so enjoy the ride and feel free to post your comments!!